Rokia Bamba

When Rokia decides to make you sweat, you can't argue.Rokia doesn't just make you dance, she listens to you and bewitches you, she's a charmer of people, she systematically finds the way to make you sway. And if you want to put your jacket back on, don't try too hard, she'll make you take it off. Rokia's eclectic desire to make you feel good. She has this notion of things in word bubbles, in separate blocks that fit together, and inside she hears the music that will make you move. Rokia knows. And when you tell her you've sweated so much you can't take it anymore, she'll reply: " Mission accomplished !”Rokia Bamba is also Peace, a rediscovered gentleness who had forgotten to see herself in all its splendour as a generous, healing woman. Rokia, the DJ who scans the smiles on the dancefloor and the energies, Rokia, the emancipated woman who took a long time to sublimate herself into who she really was, Rokia campus radio, Rokia journalist, Rokia podcast host, Rokia from Paris to Dakar in the world tribune, Rokia Bamba, La Flamboyante. She's beginning to realize that it's possible to love doing good for people and to take society in hand, body by body, soul by soul, human by human, taking care to create a prolific circle for collective well-being. And that, Rokia, is something you can't doubt when you see her with her toothy smile and 75 thousand stylish glasses. When she talks to you about her children, or her mom, or simply her job, or her desire to learn how to make, Rokia is a sunny celebration, an aura of reunion, offering you that feeling of being with family even if you don't have any. And that's a precious gift, to feel at home. From the scent of a reassuring stone, you can sense in her whole being that Rokia is a woman who rocks as much as she blazes. And if the world is doomed to explode, then it's to these sounds that we'll dance, so as not to forget that we're sparks and flames, blazing at her side, at her fingertips. (Inspired by her portrait written by Marie Darah for the theatrical piece Femme Flamboyante)

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